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"BEING PIAF" is a unique ninety minute solo performance, as told by the spirit of Edith Piaf... French chanteuse, international star, and magical storyteller. This piece highlights Piaf's joie de vivre, her resiliency, and triumphs, as she overcomes a life born of abject poverty and despair.

This one-person show is written and performed by Eleanora Owen, a European-born, French speaker, directed by international, award-winning theatre and film director, Tim Byron Owen, and produced by international theatre producer, Georganne Aldrich Heller, in association with The Sarah Fulton Group.



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There aren't enough words to tell how magnificent Eleanora Owen's performance was last night. It brought down the house. We were taken to Paris and peeked into Piaf's heart and Soul. This show will surely have legs. When you see where it goes next. Go! Run! See this beautiful and talented woman being Piaf!  - D. Angelina


I applaud Eleanora for her remarkable debut of ‘Being Piaf’. She brings you through the streets of Paris through song and story. The songs are delivered with such raw and haunting emotion and it’s impossible to look away from Eleanora’s performance as she makes you laugh, cry and bleed with her on the stage. Most of the songs are in French but it doesn’t matter, you feel every word.

I was truly transported. Tim's beautifully nuanced direction coupled with the beauty of the writing, made this a powerhouse production. I have NO doubt this is going to be a massive hit!

When this gets a run you need to go see this!! - S. NicFhlannacha

Last night, I had the incredible privilege of seeing this absolutely stunning One-WOMAN show, “An Evening in Paris with Edith Piaf”, starring my new favorite actor of all time, Eleanora Owen, & directed by the magnificent, Tim Owen. No veils. Such connection to herSelf, to Edith, to the audience. Such a gift to us all. - C. Bowyer

Wow! What a performance! Eleanora was no less than exquisite as she soulfully and seamlessly led us from scene to scene and song to song in her perfect French accent. I sat in that theater thinking "how blessed are we to be gathered here, witnessing this magnificent piece of theater." Kudo's also to talented director, Tim Owen and prolific producer Georgeanne Heller. 

Congrats Eleanora! You earned that standing ovation. - O. Tracey

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Eleanora Owen

"BEING PIAF" is a production which germinated years ago, since childhood for Eleanora Owen, inspired by her French grandmother Annie, who insisted that Eleanora, listen to and learn, as many Edith Piaf songs as possible.  


Whether it was on an elementary school playground or stage, entertaining passersby on her neighborhood sidewalk, in front of their East Hollywood apartment, one thing is certain - Edith Piaf has been a tremendous influence and inspiration, in Eleanora's life.


By the time she was four years old, Eleanora made her theatrical debut in Armenia, Beirut, then Italy. Anyone who knew the young girl, immediately recognized her true calling, as she'd gladly belt out a tune for any willing listener!


After attending Hollywood High School Performing Arts, and receiving her BFA in Theatre and Film, UCLA, she was ready to begin a career as a performing artist. As fate would have it, Eleanora's life-long mentor and best friend, her grandmother Annie, became ill and in need of a full-time caregiver. Eleanora insisted on stepping into her new role, duty-bound, for the remainder of her grandmother's life.

'Car Ma Vie.... Car Mes Joies... Aujourd'hui... ça Commence Avec Toi!!!' - Je ne regrette rien

In 2011, two months after Annie's passing, Eleanora joined The Sarah Fulton Group, an international, award-winning, theatre group of artists, and was back on her path, pursuing her dreams.


And still... Edith Piaf, her life and her music, continued to resonate deep inside Eleanora...


Tim Byron Owen is an award-winning theatre and film director, actor and writer, whose latest work includes the international Irish/American co-production, "FORTY SHADES O'GREENE." 


Tim is a founding member of An Claidheamh Soluis/The Celtic Arts Center, Los Angeles, serving as president of the board for a term, fulfilling a life-long passion and beginning a long association with Irish theatre.


Tim also founded The Sarah Fulton Group in 1990, in his studio, in Sherman Oaks, on the corner of Fulton Avenue and Sarah Street. With a mission statement of producing theatre, film and television, nationally and internationally, productions include: 

"A NIGHT IN NOVEMBER", garnering a DRAMA CRITICS CIRCLE AWARD, Los Angeles, SPIRIT OF THE FRINGE AWARD for Best Production, & TAPWATER AWARD for Best Performance, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2002, back to back runs at THE TRICYCLE THEATRE, London, as well as sold-out runs in Dublin's GAIETY THEATRE and the historic LIBERTY HALL THEATRE. The production returned to Los Angeles', Celtic Arts Center, earning two OVATION AWARD nominations for Best Play and Best Performance.


Broadway and international producer, Georganne Aldrich Heller, brought "A NIGHT IN NOVEMBER" to New York's, An Claidheamh Soluis/Irish Arts Center, which extended three times after opening

on St. Patrick's Day, 2006. In October of the same year, Georganne Aldrich Heller joined the production in Boston, where it ran for three months, in Boston's off-broadway theatre. 


Tim's production of "FIGHTING WORDS", a Welsh play, was an American West Coast premiere, earning LA WEEKLY, and BROADWAY WORLD, Theatre Awards, as well as, gaining the attention of SHOWTIME film development executives. After two years, a return engagement at The Celtic Arts Center, prompted a venture to the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff, for the European premiere. 


Tim has written and has been developing a feature film about Johnny Owen, the subject of the play, "FIGHTING WORDS", and created a short film, promo, entitled "THE MATCHSTICK MAN", winning a Best Short Film Award at The Directors Guild of America/Filmmakers Alliance, in 2006.


In 2007 and 2009, Tim collaborated with Ray Bradbury, in directing his play, "FALLING UPWARD", as well as creating a thirty minute pre-show, and adding music, dance, and a bit of Gaelic, to Heeber Finn's Pub, in 1953 Ireland. The production earned rave reviews, garnering CRITICS CHOICE from LA TIMES, CRITICS PICK from LA WEEKLY, ... and from Ray Bradbury, "the best production of anything I've written!". 


In 2011, Tim was invited to Theatre Banshee to direct "THE WALWORTH FARCE", by Enda Walsh, earning a Special OVATION AWARD, for fight choreography and Best Director and Best Ensemble nominations from LA WEEKLY THEATRE AWARDS.


The same year, he directed the World  Premiere of "JIMMY & SAM", an Irish/Jewish play by Pat Harrington and Howard Storm, at Theatre 40, to critical acclaim and box office success. Tim then returned to Theatre 40, in 2013, to direct the Irish play, "REMEMBRANCE", nominated for sixteen awards, winning eleven, including BEST PLAY and BEST DIRECTOR.


Back at Theatre Banshee, Tim directed the World Premiere of "CAGED" by Dermot Davis, a critical and box office success.


Tim is extremely proud to be directing, supporting, and participating in the creation of his wife's vision and "piece de resistance", "BEING PIAF"!


Georganne Aldrich Heller is a veteran New Yorker, a graduate of Finch College, who named her Woman of the Year in 2016.


She co-founded Chuck’s Composite Jazz Club on E. 52rd Street in New York City and the legendary Ma Maison restaurant in Beverly Hills. She was a model and a motion picture stylist who created her own sportswear line.


After rising to partner at Dorchester Public Relations, she founded her own Los Angeles public relations firm. A leader in the art world, Heller was an original co-founder of Women in Film and on the creative team that started the California Institute of the Arts. She serves on the board of directors at the Irish Arts Center of New York and at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in Connecticut. Heller has produced scores of plays; she was awarded both a proclamation from the Irish Consul General of New York as well as an Olivier Award for her 2018 production of Forgotten.


She served as Cultural Director for the Borough of Manhattan and is an esteemed collage artist with works in galleries from SOHO to Hollywood. Heller splits her time between New York’s West Village and Beverly Hills.

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